Arxcel’s goal is to be more than a prescription benefits consultant. We strive to be a trusted confidant to those looking to navigate the complex world of prescription benefits coverage. As an independent partner, unbeholden to anyone in the prescription benefits food chain, our unique and unbiased perspective allows us to advocate solely on your behalf. Ensuring that the prescription benefits plan you select is the most comprehensive and cost-effective solution available to your company.

Our promise

Our Goal

Arxcel’s goal is to help employers manage their prescription drug checkbook, ensuring spending is appropriate, effective and properly allocated, so that employers can offer their members the highest quality, most cost-effective prescription benefits.

Our Philosophy

Arxcel continues to be a guiding light through a complex and ever-changing pharmaceutical industry. We strive to provide employers with simplified solutions that protect their interests.

Our Process

Arxcel evaluates prescription benefit programs with an emphasis on eliminating waste and inefficiencies, and thoroughly analyzes the intricacies of the contract to uncover savings. While cost-shifting is an easy approach, Arxcel looks for programs that allow for increased value and long-term clinical outcomes, both which provide positive outcomes for the payor and the patient. Our data reviews identify components of a program that are simple to eliminate, minimally disruptive, and will save money both immediately and over time.

Our Value Proposition

Real and Sustainable Cost Savings

Employer cost savings and control
Patient engagement and affordability
Measure ROI within the first year
Data driven solutions

Unique, Innovative and Customized Programs

Based on your needs
Targeted programs to lower cost and improve health


- New, high cost specialty drugs

Real and Sustainable Cost Savings

Drug Benefit
Medical Benefit

- Increased utilization and new drugs to market

- High-cost disease states

- Manufacturer cost increases

The pharmacy benefit landscape is complex, ever changing, and fraught with complicated issues. While prescription drug coverage remains the most frequently used employee health benefit, it is often the most difficult to manage.

Arxcel is here to help. We specialize in guiding employers through the process, taking complicated issues and making them simple.
Prescription drug costs can be managed without sacrificing quality or patient health. Careful planning and benefit design, data and trend analysis and good communication with providers, physicians and members is the key.



We analyze the marketplace to assure our clients have the partner that best suits their situation. This is not only from a cost standpoint, but also from contractual provisions to service programs that meet all client objectives.


We help your Pharmacy Benefits Program stay within budget without sacrificing quality or services.


We manage your Pharmacy Benefit Plan design from concept to completion, creating a program that fits your members’ needs and corporate budget.


Using the latest software and technology, we create a scale model of your benefit plan costs, providing a roadmap to financial security and cost efficiency.


From physician education programs to the development of a list of preferred products, our clinical services ensure that members of the medical community are kept informed of the most effective medications and treatments your investments can buy.

Data Analysis

Every month, companies generate reports and spreadsheets of data that are supposed to enhance understanding of their current financial state, but these reports are useless unless they are analyzed and acted upon. We evaluate your reports to generate cost benefit analysis and easily understood performance reports that paint an accurate financial picture of your organization’s health care and prescription costs.

What Are Our Clients Saying About Us?

"We’ve had the pleasure of working with Arxcel for over a decade. Their quality counsel, integrity, dedication and skill have greatly benefited our organization.”
Brooks Goodison
President, Diversified Group
Arxcel acts and works as an extension of our team. They’ve helped our Pharmacy Benefits Program continue as an integral part of the value proposition our organization offers to employer members.”
Jessica Brooks
CEO, Pittsburgh Business Group

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